About Us ⇒ Who We Are

Cambodia Air Traffic Services Company Limited (CATS), Cambodia's Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP), was established in April 2001 by SAMART Corporation Public Company Limited which gained exclusive license from the Royal Government of Cambodia to develop and operate the air traffic control and navigation systems in Cambodia under the Build, Corporate and Transfer (BCT) terms and conditions.

CATS is responsible for providing air navigation services in the entire airspace of Cambodia, namely Phnom Penh Flight Information Region, which currently includes 14 international ATS routes, 19 domestic ATS routes, 3 international airports, and 3 domestic airports.  

For the year 2017, CATS handled 157,926 flight movements which increased by 14.2% from the previous year. In order to enhance the quality of its services, CATS has developed advanced ATS infrastructure at 1 Area Control Centre (ACC), 3 Approach Control Units (APP) and 6 Aerodrome Control Tower (TWR) with 3 secondary surveillance radar systems supplemented by 3 ADS-B ground stations and 2 Multilateration (MLAT), 3 DVOR/DME stations, and Air-Ground VHF Radio System with 3 extended-range Remote Control Air-Ground Stations.  

As of November 2017, CATS employs 293 people, including 143 in ATS operation, 76 in technical and engineering and 74 in commercial and administration. Of those 143 in ATS operation, 104 are Air Traffic Control Officers (ATCO).  

Presently, CATS is focusing on the transition to the CNS/ATM (Communication, Navigation, Surveillance / Air Traffic Management) to integrate and harmonize itself into the regional and global aviation communities by continuously modernizing technical equipment and facilities and developing the capacities of its human resources.