Services ⇒ Flight Procedure Design

CATS is in charge of the design and maintenance of instrument flight procedures, both conventional and Performance Based Navigation (PBN), such as Instrument Approach Procedure (IAP), Standard Instrument Arrival (STAR) and Standard Instrument Departure (SID).

CATS ensures that the published procedures are maintained with standard obstacle clearance and that they are met with the users' requirements. The impacts to the environment, such as CO2 emission and noise abatement, are also taken into consideration.

CATS has so far developed and maintained the instrument flight procedures at Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and Sihanouk Airports. Those procedures include:

  • Very High Frequency Omni-directional Radio Range / Distance Measuring Equipment (VOR/DME) approach procedures;
  • Instrument Landing System (ILS) approach procedures;
  • RNAV (GNSS) approach procedures;
  • Standard Instrument Arrival (STAR) procedures; and
  • Standard Instrument Departure (SID) procedures.